Noema „TigerOrchid“ Pasquali

Noema „TigerOrchid“ Pasquali

Noema Pasquali (Rieti, 1978) is an italian Artist based in Berlin where She works as Professional Piercer at Titanen Piercing Atelier. She started her career as Professional Piercer when she was 26 and she specialized in Anatomy.

Noema is a Fakir and Yoga Master, she is offering classes at BMXnet every year during morning time, promoting DOOM YOGA, a mix of Kundalini, Hatha Vinyasa Flow, Pranayama and Doom/Stoner.

Her Art as Performer is mostly focused on Rituals, Rites of passages, Semiotics, Symbolism, Archetypes and Empathy; she is Humanist and Anthropologist giving regular classes and doing researches.

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