Conference 2021

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Last Update: 2021 July 20th – 6:30pm
Here we will put up all Information about this years Conference:

Limited Seats & Fee

There will be a strict limit of seats and also a max. number of attendees to meet all Covid Regulations! As of now nearly 70% of seats are booked!

Registration Fee this year is 297.50 € (incl. 19% VAT).


You should be vaccinated – as of now it seems not to be mandatory, but if you are not vaccinated, you have to do an official test EVERY DAY before entering the venue. At the moment those public tests are free, but that test might cost something in the future! There is a public test-center just around the corner!


It was not easy to find a new venue after Unperfekthaus let us down 2020 and also for 2021 is vague about reopening. Every time we asked attendees for their preference if we move to another city Berlin was No. 1. So we looked for a venue in Berlin and we found a good one: Forum Factory.
We will have an 1.000 squaremeters outdoor area, two big classrooms (one with a bar) on ground floor and many additional classrooms and expo space on 1st floor.

Food & Beverages

There is a mandatory fee (20 EUR per day) for all you can drink softdrinks & coffee/tea and also there will be served some food. We will NOT have a full buffet this year, but there will be some food and snacks all day. We are still working on the details, but also we have some great restaurants (and on the go stuff) nearby so it might not be necessary to make a full catering at the venue. 

Dates and Times

Thu. 16th Sep at 6pm : Pre-Registration starts
Thu. 16th Sep at 8pm : There might be the opportunity to have a Welcome Dinner together (outside) at least a little Welcome-Party (might not be a classic dinner)
Fri. 17th Sep at 8am : Registration starts
Fri. 17th Sep at 11am : Conference starts
... there will be up to 5 classrooms and 13 timeslots:
Slot 1 : 11am-12:30pm
- Lunch Break -
Slot 2 : 2pm-3:30pm
- Break -
Slot 3 : 4pm-5:30pm
- Dinner Break -
Slot 4 : 7pm-8:30pm

Slot 5 : 9am-10:30am
- Break -
Slot 6 : 11am-12:30pm
- Lunch Break -
Slot 7 : 2pm-3:30pm
- Break -
Slot 8 : 4pm-5:30pm
- Dinner Break -
Slot 9 : 7pm-8:30pm

Slot 10 : 9am-10:30am
- Break -
Slot 11 : 11am-12:30pm
- Lunch Break -
Slot 12 : 2pm-3:30pm
- Break -
Slot 13 : 4pm-5:30pm
Sun. 19th Sep at 8pm : Conference ends