Online-Conference 2020



Unfortunately Unperfekthaus informed us 8 weeks before conference (Mid July), that they will close the house until end of the year, so months of planing and our concept for a Conference in Covid Times were for nothing.

We did not give up and within 4 weeks we had a full online streaming-conference organized with the great support of our speakers and team. Here you can book your streaming classes for our first Online Conference!

And here is the FAQ:

How does it generally work?

Basically it all works thru our website. You can log in here and book the classes you want to see. When streaming starts you log in and on your members-page you will see the links to the streamingserver where you can join the online classroom.
You do not need any external software or app, everything happens within the web browser. It works on Windows, Linux, Mac OS and even iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

What will the online-class be like?

You will see the presentation in full quality hosted on the server in the corner will be a smaller video of the speaker. There will also be a chat available where you can ask questions. We are working on it at the moment to see if we can even allow to open your microphone so you can ask your question instead of typing.

How many classes will the Online Conference have?

At the moment we offer 10 FREE Classes (for members, non-members pay 30 EUR for those, since they have no recording), these Classes are aired LIVE ONLY.

Then we have 25 regular Classes, those classes are available live (recording included if you miss it or parts of it) and also can be booked later at a reduced price as a recording only.

Will there be a recording available?

Yes and no! All paid classes are recorded and will be available for booking after livestream ended. If you booked the livestream, you can also watch the recording, it is included! If you cannot watch the live class, you can book the recording. Most recordings will be available at least for one year, if no other deadline is given.

All free (for members) classes will only be available LIVE so there will be no recording available.

Why is everything happening within 3 days?

We want to simulate a real BMXnet conference with a real schedule and classes all day. The idea is to keep the streaming-classes as an option for future conferences. Also with a worldwide audience and all those timezones there is no perfect time to be on air. So we decided to stick to the times and days that have always ben the BMXnet Conferene days.

How much does it cost? Are there Day Tickets or such?

Prices for Live-Only Classes:
FREE for Members
30 EUR each Non-Members

Live Class (Recording included):
15 EUR
each for Members

40 EUR each for Non-Members

9 EUR each for Members
25 EUR each for Non-Members

Non-Member Option is for all those who just want to see one or two classes. Annually membership fee is 60 EUR, so if somebody wants to see more that 2 classes becoming a member is an option!

We will not offer Day-Tickets or All-In Passes. We considered the option but decided to keep it simple and do the best price for each class that we can offer. That might change in the future but with only 4 weeks to prepare all this we need to keep things simple for now.

What are those free classes?

Thanks to our sponsors and speakers we are happy to offer free classes. Those classes are sponsored and already paid, so members only can access them for free. You still have to sign up and book it!

Those free classes are available live only - that is due to speakers who don't want to offer a recording, but also because this way we can easily calculate the total costs. Free classes might have a server limit of 150 attendees, but we will do some testing what the max. users.

Deutsch? English?

We have 18 Time-Slots, 90 minutes each with a minimum of 30 minutes break inbetween. Each Time-Slot has two Streams (Classes) one in german (all classes will be in german language only, some speakers offer an english version in the english stream as well) and one in english. So there will be a total maximum of 36 classes!

What about Attendee-Certificates?

A Certificate of Attendance will be available online (PDF for download) after conference. Instead of that golden seal of the printed ones, it will have a QR code to verify attendance.

Only Live-Streaming Classes will be on that certificate, for recordings there is no certificate or such!

Can I attend with more ppl on one screen?

Yes, you can make your own little conference and can attend in groups, but membership and class attendance are per person. So every attendee would have to book their class(es) and membership and one person would log in and start the stream. Depending on your internet speed that could also be the better solution instead of 3 or 4 computers downloading the same stream in one house!

Can I record classes or use material?

No, classes might have handouts that we offer to download, but you are not allowed to record the class, copy it or use the material in any other way than watching it. Please respect copyright and the hard work of our speakers. Deliver classes and materials to your screen at home is a huge form of trust and in corona times the only way to keep something like BMXnet alive. We are very happy and proud that all those speakers are brave enough to join and support us in good and bad times. So please do not missuse that opportunity to copy or save classes. Thank you!