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Here you can get in contact with us and ask questions - all general questions will be published as FAQ for everyone, so feel free to ask everything!

Is there a hygiene concept for the conference?

Yes, in germany all events have to do a hygiene concept and follow rules and regulations:

Masks required indoors! Everybody wears a medical mask indoors, only a few exceptions for speakers and if you drink&eat.

Fresh air and distance. Wherever possible keep your distance to other attendees. All rooms have windows so air can circulate, there is no big street nearby, so noise from the outside should be no problem.

Talk, eat, meet, socialize ... this all should happen outside. We have a huge outside area with pavilion, tables and cozy corners ready for you.

All rooms have a a limit of people allowed inside at the same time, if you have to wait to enter a room please keep your distance.

Hot to travel in COVID Times?

First step: Check if there are restrictions to enter germany from your area, to do so please use the official site (where you have to register if you travel from a risk or high risk area):

If you spent time in an area which is classified as a high-risk area or area of variants of concern, you must, as a rule, make your way directly to your place of accommodation – upon arrival and remain isolated there (home quarantine).
But: Home quarantine can be ended early by submitting proof of vaccination or recovery or a negative test result via the Federal Republic's travel portal at Quarantine ends the moment such proof is submitted. If proof of vaccination or recovery is already submitted before entry, no quarantine is necessary.

Also check what the rules are if you travel back home and also with airlines - you may have to do a PCR test before travelling back or possibly go in quarantine when you are back home.


Where can I get a PCR test in germany?

For travelling back home airlines or travel restrictions of your country might require to present a PCR test even if you are vaccinated. In germany those (officially accepted) tests cost 79 EUR and you can do it just around the corner of the venue:

We will also use that public Testcenter to test all attendees at arrival (even if you are vaccinated, we want to make sure nobody is a "Spreader" and with vaccination you can be that without having symptoms.

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