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last update: 13th Feb 2024

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Focus of our work is consumer protection, information and helpdesk to the bodymodification industries customers and by that we try to do our part in public health and education for a better, cleaner and professional industry. Education and the availability of information has always improved different parts of our daily life and it is about time to do that to the whole spectrum of bodymodification. Our goal is that regulations are made with a sense of proportion and that the industry will be involved in this.
To reach all that goals one of our main instruments is the yearly conference we do to bring bodymodification professionals (tattooists, piercers and so on) together to share, learn and get updated – also for us this is the basis of our work to gather and publish information to the public.

Next to this main mission, we want to develope and maintain the cultural aspects of bodymodification. To bring ancient rites like suspension, Kavadi and so on to the modern aspects of sterile and hygienic approved procedures.

Since our foundation in 2007 many professional Piercers, Tattooists and BodyModders became member of BMXnet (at the moment 646 active members) and more than 3,143 persons were attending one or more of our 17 conferences. For all statistics and numbers that we know that makes BMXnet the biggest european association of that kind in the industry and therefore we want to thank all members for their support and hard work for our common goals - may the network keep growing!