Jesus Cabanas “Sala”

Jesus “Sala” Cabanas

Jesus Cabanas “Sala” started his career as a piercer in 2003 and as a body modification artist in 2007. Since then he has traveled all around the globe to work, gather, and impart knowledge. After working and giving seminars in places like Spain, Germany, Poland, Sweden, UK, Argentina, Mexico and India, he now lives in Oslo, Norway, working in a team with Christiane, the owner of Pinpoint Piercing, improving his skills daily.

To this day, Sala is in a continuous learning process, sharing information and experience with great artists from all around the world. He has always given a big importance to bettering his skills and learn as much as he can, making an emphasis in hygiene and sanitary techniques. That’s why he has taken a number of medical classes in reputable places like the University of Valencia, Spain, about pain therapy, anesthesia, and nursing skills. He’s gone to the USA to learn about advanced techniques of body modification from Steve Haworth, and attended different conferences around The world like APP (active member), BMXnet, LBP (active member), APTPI, so that he can give top notch service and offer his clients the best.

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