Håvve Fjell

Håvve Fjell

Håvve Fjell did his first public performance as a Fakir in 1991 and founded Pain Solution in 1993. Pain Solution has since grown to become an internationally renowned sideshow troupe.

In 2002 Håvve formed Wings of Desire to establish a team to focus on body suspension and meet the request for hanging and urge to learn more amongst the Scandinavian population. WoD has since been teaching workshops, given lectures on suspension in several countries, and hosts the annual Oslo SusCon, recognized as one of the best SusCons in the world.

In 2003, the book Ten Years of Pain was released to celebrate the first decade, it’s written by Håvve Fjell and is plentifully illustrated with photos by Helene Fjell.

From 2007 till 2009 Håvve has realized the project The Fakir Academy in Oslo as a three year program to educate the next generation of Norwegian Fakirs and recruit members of Pain Solution. Probably the first academy of its kind ever to exist.