Brian Skellie

Brian Skellie

Brian Skellie, Piercer/Founder at Piercing Experience est. 1992, Brian has worked to research and evolve safe body modification and has shared the results with the APP as a frequent contributor and instructor ever since the first conference, as an active business member for over ten years, and as a current APP Board member and former editor of The Point Journal. He works to promote the use of current and timely research based standards for the benefit of clients and colleagues worldwide. His goal is the ethical advancement of quality for all aspects of body modification from conscience to science.

Brian is here to contribute continuing education in his areas of specialty. He introduced and developed many novel and effective approaches to body modification such as safe techniques for: aseptic freehand piercing, infection prevention, sterilization, instrument management, advanced studio set up, anodization, efficient use of STATIM autoclaves and HYDRIM automated instrument washers. As an active member of the ASTM committee F04 on medical and surgical devices and implants, he works on the applications of biomaterials science to body art.

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