Fine Art, Cyborgs, Body Hacking and much love 2.0

As the generation leading people to another world through professional modificating of the body, the language of Fine Art can be a great network and discussion panel. To fight capitalism concerning body improvement and enhancement it is our job to keep this Open Source- and since Stelarc started a long time ago and Beuys is right, saying: “everybody can be an artist” the goal should be to prepare this road. Let’s sit down and talk about this, let’s connect our knowledge with the Science of Art and make it our stage to inform people!
After a short introduction containing news in the Arts and Transhumanism topic we will have an open discussion this year, working out solutions in a conceptual way!

by: Lou JP Mußgnug
Slot 2 (Thursday 4:00pm-6:00pm)
120 minutes /  english

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