Fundamentals of Freehand Piercing

Fundamentals of Freehand Piercing

Safe, Accurate, Aseptic Piercing With Less Tools : Freehand and Single Use (Long form)

Over the last 25 years of piercing, Brian has developed conscientious techniques for a safe, simple and gentle piercing experience without the use of clamps.

The focus of this class is to introduce freehand piercing techniques to novice piercers as well as experienced piercers that want to learn methods without clamps.  The class will focus on the safety and accuracy aspects of freehand piercing, and different hand positions most commonly used in this technique for alignment and management.

The workshop will cover demonstration of an adaptable freehand piercing system that integrates point of process sterilization [Statim 2000], anodization and sterile single-use disposable instruments [primarily blade needles].

by: Brian Skellie
Fri. 6:30pm – 9:00pm · RoofRoom (423)
150 minutes /  english