Our 6 Senses, our Doors of Perception

Our 6 Senses, our Doors of Perception

‘Doctor Anna’ (Dr. Anna Zakrisson) from Doctor Anna’s Imaginarium

You can see and hear, taste, smell, and touch.
But what about pain?
Is pain the deliberately forgotten fairy godmother of sensations?
Is pain our long-lost sixth sense?
This is one of my question. There are many more.

Do you sense the world? Is red really red and not blue? Is ultraviolet a nuance you will never understand?
Come with me on a journey through the amazing sensations of our bodies; how the brain can mess around with you; make you sense and feel what isn’t there, or make you forget the pain that is.
…or is it perhaps not your brain messing with you, but you messing with your brain? What is the difference anyhow? And what about those millions upon trillions of small inhabitants of your body that live in your gut? Do they have a say in the matter?

I can’t give you any spiritual answers to these questions, but I can show you how your amazing body carries you through time and space. How this meat machine sense and perceives.
I love my meat bus because it is truly remarkable and so is yours!

by: Doktor Anna
Sat. 2:30pm – 3:30pm · WoodRoom (154)
60 minutes /  english