Since 2015, Dorsch is part of a Tattoo- and Artproject, better known as the private gallery called Psyland25. During her* time there, Dorsch continuously evolves to gain practical knowledge about technical aspects of the tattooprocess in its whole from building tattoo machines to better knowledge about needles and their use, the human skin and body, colour and pigments and the interaction of all these elements that become one piece at the end of a (tattoo) day.

Although delving especially in empirical issues that show up in every day work as a tattooist, her* approach is more and more focused on finding helpful generalisations that could be extracted to gain knowledge for all tattooists, resulting into better work and a much healthier and desirable atmosphere between a client and the artist.

“The more you know about what you do, the more flexible you become and can offer solutions for every kind of person in front of you” might be a main mantra of Dorschs work. Each one teach one is the key, but you will most of the time find her as one of the BMX Team organizing the event.

Class 2024:

  • Loveletter to the Coil
  • Open Coil Workshop

Class 2023:

Class 2022:

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