Loveletter to the Coil

Are you from the Generation Pen? Do you feel like you want to extend your knowledge and venture into new techniques?
Are you old-school but more on the side of the rotary machine?
Maybe you used to use a coil but then something broke and you had no clue how to fix it and the machine landed in a drawer?

This year, this workshop will be two-fold. A theoretical class and a practical tinker space. We recommend you attend both but the theoretical class is not mandatory for attending the practical part and you can come and leave the tinker space as you please.

We still aim at two things:

  • Introducing the terminology for coil machine parts and understanding each part’s influence on the entire system.
  • Giving you the confidence to take apart a machine and the perseverance to put it back together and tune it to your liking.

We will discuss and apply different set-ups and resulting techniques together rather than teaching one certain system.

If you have a coil machine (or several), we invite you to bring it to the workshop. If you don’t we will provide a machine for you to play with. We will also supply all the tools and spare parts you might need.

As a desired outcome we would like you to:

  • be able to understand your working tool better
  • provide help for questions about settings and maintenance
  • be less afraid to try out new tools or new settings that might help to gain a positive outcome for your daily work

by: Dorsch & Caro Ley
Slot: 1 / Room 5-6 – Thu 11am-12:30pm