Caro Ley

Tattooing since 2009. Vagabonding between European capitals and oscillating between queer theory and creative practice most of her life, Caro Ley has developed an approach to tattooing which is about empathy and presence, always questioning subjective sensitivities and body politics. Her academic interest in transfeminism has led her to study the potential of genital modification for reclaiming non-binary bodies under supervision of Paul B. Preciado before coming to settle in Berlin in order to promote a queer kind of tattooing in 2013.

Enjoying the privilege of a comprehensive apprenticeship, she takes pride in her technical skills such as soldering needles, which she happily passes on in workshops around Europe.

Classes 2024:

  • Freehand Drawing Techniques for (abstract) Tattooing
  • Loveletter to the Coil
  • Open Coil Workshop

Classes 2023:

Classes 2022:

Classes 2021: