Volunteers signup

Volunteers signup

BMXnet Conference would not work without all those volunteers and helpers and here we want to announce details about the new Volunteer-Program and establish a committed Framework!

A Volunteer works up to 2 third of the conference, the other third is “free-time”. Volunteers get a certificate of attendance and can attend classes in their free-time as well while helping (if possible).

“Your job” would be to check attendees in to the conference and to Classes and Workshops (RFID Check-In) and to sit in classes to help (with translation for example if possible and necessary), assist or communicate anything that might “happen” (projector, air condition or sound stops working etc.). Additional tasks are making the stage room ready for show nights and classes after those (in and out chairs etc.) as well as helping unload stuff for conference and set it up. Also our storage of material, merch booth as well as registration the first days need your support!

Volunteers are not getting paid – like the organisations core team all work and time is donated to BMXnet – attendance of the conference however is free, a volunteer only pays the food-fee to the house and needs to find a place to stay.

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