Paul King

Paul King has been a professional Body Piercer since 1991. He is Gauntlet trained and certified with a one and half year apprenticeship under Elayne Angel, author of The Piercing Bible. He worked in all three former Gauntlet locations, Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco and was store manager of LA and NYC. In 1996 Jim Ward, Founder of Gauntlet, awarded Paul King with the honorary title of Master Piercer. He apprenticed many Piercers for Gauntlet as well as co-taught Gauntlet Training seminars. 

In 1999, Paul King partnered to create Cold Steel America, tattooing and piercing services in San Francisco, California. He is an active member of the Association of Professional Piercers. Recently he successfully completed a three year elected position as a board member for the APP. In 2007, he received the APP’s President’s Award for contributions to the Piercing Industry. Currently, he is the board appointed Treasurer for the APP.

Paul lectures at universities and conferences on various aspects of body modification. He is an avid traveler, collector and student of anthropology. Please visit to read his articles on piercing history and traditional practices in issues of The Point.

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