My name is Adrián, but everybody knows me as Nanu. I started tattooing in 2012 in Venezuela, where I am from.

I started learning about black and white realism, but with the years I have learnt different styles, such as surrealism, color techniques, neotraditional, black and grey, microrrealism, among others. Right now, I have no preference in any style. I rather enjoy whatever comes and challenge myself with every new project, no matter if it is something I already control or if I have to study for it.
I have been in many international conventions (Barcelona, Romania, Rome) and invited to travel around the world with the art of tattoo.

Nowadays, I run my own studio in Barcelona (Spain), where I have a team of great artists. We have been there for 6 years.

You are all welcome to come!

For me the most important thing about tattoo is always having to learn and share.

Class 2023: