Nahuel Burgos

Nahuel Burgos Vinas have been a professional piercer since 2015. He has been always interested in travels and piercing, and since really young age left Madrid, Spain to travel around the world and work at different countries, attend at conferences like APP, GEP, LBP, UKAPP, APPE, FRAPPE, CEP etc.

Nahuel has done multiple talks in conferences and events about history, anthropology and piercing.  He have always been involved with the community in talks and projects related to piercing and education, podcast, translation of books etc.One of his main current projects is being part of the board members of CEP, a Spanish piercing association working to promote safe practice and organising seminars.

In 2019 the APP awards him with the Legacy scholar, and since 2021 he travels full time as a nomad piercer working in some of the best piercing studios of the world.

Classes 2023