Alex Pereiro

Born in Mondariz, Spain, became body piercer in 1998.

Start piercing in the south of Holland in 1998 and move to Spain in 2000 in valladolid, from there he was working in other places like the bask country. In 2004 he travel to Mexico where he is iniciares with body suspensions and body mods.

From there he was going back to work to Bilbao for few years also mixing it with travelling world wide doing guest spots in lot of reputable shops in USA, México,France, Holland, Norway, Denmark and many other countryes in Europe and in south east Asia.

In 2010 he creates the suspension crew Indigenak that is still active today and been doing suspensions in over 20 countries.

He is been organizing a suspension retreat in Spain for the last 7 years called “Hang you” with the help of his team.

Now based in Berlin working at Dergrimm Tattoo Studio where he is doing piercings, suspensions and bodmods.

Workshops 2023:

Workshops 2022:

Classes 2021:

  • Workshop Skin Suturing (Skin Stitching)
  • Ancestral Rituals of Chap Go Meh and Thaipusam