Thursday : 10pm - Stage Room

22.00 Vagina Dentata presents Lux Rationalis
Vagina Dentata is one of the performance projects of berlin based artist Hika K., whose
main focus in all the projects directed by her are social constructs and the problems
inclined. She is creating her own shows since 2014 and founded Vagina Dentata as well as
her other project 'Iwlij Haghjaj in 2017 after deciding, that her concepts need to be
thematically separated. Her art is a combination of classical theater, sideshow, burlesque
and other stage elements.
This time she is teaming up with Dino Helvida, Tiger Orchid and Ina Stanoeva to bring
her completely reworked version of one of her older works on stage, a story based on
Kants „Sapere aude!“, a tale about questioning blind belief and finding ones own path.

Thursday : 10:30pm - Stage Room

22.30 Martine QuiPique presents "Cocoon" - Invisble Body
Martine was born in 1963
Professionally trained dancer, she has always been interested in corporeality, bodies, this
canvas, space of liberty, gendered, normed... What do we get to see ? What do we want to
see ?
« Cocoon – Invisible body » is a poetic invitation to reflexion.

Thursday : 11pm - Stage Room

23.00 Dancing With Myself: Shibari Self-Suspension