Saturday Show-Night

22.00 Uhr / 10pm : SchweinEhornia 1.3%

Chandler und Hellka live on stage

22.30 Uhr / 10:30pm : Coco Katsura & Luna Duran presents

お茶の間時間-Nostalgic smell of Japan CoCo Katsura was born in Japan. Now she is living in Berlin. CoCo Katsura has started with her performance work 2000 in the japanese underground scene.

Luna Duran is an international performance artist currently living in Berlin, Germany. In August 8th, 2015 she was named an extreme ritual performer by Cleo Dubois and her partner the late Fakir Musafar. Luna is a regular collaborator with many artists around the world and she is currently working on a film.

23.30 Uhr / 11:30pm : Raffle

00.00 Uhr / 12pm : Pain Solution

The Headmaster himself will entertain you
Pain Solution is a powerpacked rollercoaster of breathtaking entertainment, taking the audience on a theatricall ride trough beautiful and bizarre sideshow acts.
Pain Solution was founded in Oslo by Håvve Fjell during the summer of 1993. The aim was to create shows based on Fakir Discipline, native rituals and Sideshow tradition.
Over the years Pain Solution’s expression has changed several times and the group has seen members come and go. For periods of time Pain Solution has also been a solo project.
In the past, physical theatre, Circus and ritual performances has been in focus, as well as installations and live art projects with living sculptures.
In 2007 the Fakir Academy was initiated as a three year educational programme to educate the next generation of Norwegian Fakirs, and thus expand the group.
Currently Pain Solution has three core members and keeps the focus on Sideshow. We work hard to bring the sideshow up from the underground and out to the people. Like Circus, Sideshow has gone-, and still go trough changes. Traditions are kept alive, as well as they naturally and dynamically change. Pain Solution is proud to be among the elite in Sideshow, we have influenced and inspired others to take on a different approach to Sideshow and we will continue to develop and re-invent, while we stay true to the tradition and keep Sideshow alive.