RonGarzaRecognized as one of the pioneers, innovators and an active participant of so much in the body art realms, Ron Garza is an avid world traveling body modification artist based out of Southern California. He is well known for his intricate and beautiful scarification artistry and for his love of traveling ,writing and photography. He is often cited as an inspiration by other body modification artists for his cutting edge works over the last 2 decades. This was shown when his peers at the world’s ONLY scarification convention – Scar Wars presented him with the Keith Alexander award for his contributions over the last 18 years to the art of scarification! This has been the ONLY  time such an award has been given.

Garza has received much attention for being one of the 3 western piercers who has been fortunate enough to participate in the Phuket Vegetarian festival in its 168 year history and received the honor of piercing the spirit mediums throughout the festival for 3 years.

Garza is proficient and trained in several disciplines of the body modification industry and provides instruction via classes and lectures Domestically as well as Internationally. Garza has written and presented, in both English and Spanish, such piercing industry staple courses such as: sterile techniques, medical risk assessment, and further specialized courses including basic infection control for the piercer for such information powerhouses as the Association of Professional Piercers and Pro Piercing Information Systems.

Most recently, he has begun teaching his own body modification courses as well, such as freehand Piercing, Scarification , Branding (both with and without tools) , as well as another of his early loves in life — the art of body suspension. As well as performing as a suspension artist nationally and internationally, He was featured on the show Mindfreak assisting Allen Falkner in suspending Criss Angel. He has appeared in many magazines, websites and television programs such as the Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel, Learning Channel, Travel Channel, and Ripley’s Believe It or Not amongst others.

Garza is the founder of Living The Dream Productions which provides informative body art , travel and historical DVD’s such as the recently released “Freehand Piercing Basics – Vol 1 “ in both English AND Spanish as well as the upcoming Scar –tist series showcasing his scarification works !

* special note  – If you purchased a freehand piercing DVD last year,  please  bring this year to exchange for  UPDATED  FULL NARRATED CLASS version for FREE !

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