Sterilization fundamentals including Statim

Sterilization fundamentals including Statim

This educational session will cover the proper use of a Statim autoclave for body art procedures, important work practices for a busy studio, and how to safely maintain these machines in your everyday operation, and answers to your questions.

Brian introduced these autoclaves to our industry in the 1990’s, and hundreds of professionals have come to work with them over the years. The Statim has fully validated fast sterilization cycles, which makes them ideal for sterilizing jewelry and all the items as needed for each piercing In this class we will explore how they should be handled in our daily routine.

If you have a Statim in your studio or you plan to invest in one, this will be a familiarizing perspective you won’t want to miss!

by: Brian Skellie
Fri. 2:15pm – 3:45pm · RoofRoom (423)
90 minutes /  english

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