Travelin’ Mick

For close to 30 years now, Travelin’ Mick has been an integral part of the global tattoo world:

First as one of the pioneering journalists with an academic view on tattoo culture, history and sociology, working as a journalist for most important tattoo magazines in the world, as well as in international TV productions.
Over the past decade, he transcended towards becoming a driving force in the tattoo industry, working with a group of pioneers in the development, manufacturing and distribution of state-of-the-art tattoo tools.

Until now, traveling with an open mind and an educated view is an essential part of the life of this keen observer.

One of the main centres of Mick’s private and professional interests has always been Japan; the country widely regarded as the cradle of creative tattooing.

Class 2024:

  • Inked Legends: Introducing the Origins and Styles of Japanese Tattoo Art