Stack Lobe Piercing: Piercings from yesterday and the aesthetics of today

This class tries to focus on how to beautify an ear lobe when we have misplaced piercings. This can be because they were done at a young age or not in the best way, we don’t go into debate on this matter. The intention is to show different types of lobe piercings or stacked piercings using this old/misplaced piercing, creating new fun shapes and styles.

It is divided in different themes starting with information and building up to the aesthetic options.

  • Influences/Tradition: Starting with where and how it starts to be an influence for girls and women to get their lobes pierced in the modern era. This is not a section in history about tribal rituals but more a mention on celebrity/fashion influences that naturalized the lobe piercing.
  • “Simple” anatomy of the lobe: Here we talk about the different shapes of the lobe, so it’s a talk on the “external” anatomy, not in detail about the vascularization.
  • Proximity to Cartilage: an overview of what is the cartilage and how near to our lobe is it to be considered in our lobe projects.
  • Types of jewelry and their sizes: a view into different shapes, diameters, lengths, etc
  • Different shapes of Stack Lobe: explaining the different options taking into consideration the previously learned with anatomy options and showing examples.
  • Marking: explaining different ways to mark (and measure) depending on the design we are doing.
  • Piercing techniques: a quick bevel theory reminder before some video demonstrations in different techniques.

I am working on this class to improve the information as well as to add some other aspects like the back of the ear, the angles, etc.

by: Fiona Hughes
Slot: 1 / Room: __ – Thu. 11am-12:30pm