Ðana Ribarević

Đana started piercing very young, but her professional career started in 2009. She has been familiar with the bodymod world since she was a kid – in 1998. her late father opened Sttattooart – one of the first tattoo & piercing studios in Split, where he worked as a piercer, and Đana soon fell in love with piercing herself. Once a bit older, she worked as front of house and resident piercer at Stattooart until 2020 when she opened her own piercing exclusive studio Katarza – the first piercing only studio in Split, Croatia. She held many public lectures for people who want to know more about piercings and guested in several podcasts in her hometown, however, this will be her first time teaching a class and mentoring a roundtable for industry people. Đana about herself: Wannabe philosopher, in love with jewellery, cats, perfumes, plants, nature and the stars, not necessarily in that order 😀

Class 2024:

  • RT: Apprenticeship: old school vs. new practices