Steve Haworth

Steve Haworth is a body modification artist and “human evolution artist”. He is responsible for the invention and popularization of subdermal 3D-art implants, as well as transdermal implants and electrocautery or “laser” branding. In addition, he invented a very successful variant of the surface bar, and has done pioneering work with magnetic implants, ear pointing, dermal punching, genital beading, tongue splitting and body suspension.

Called “the ultimate pioneer and a truly dedicated artist” by Bizarre Magazine, Steve Haworth is often cited as an inspiration by other body modification artists. Samppa von Cyborg calls him the “the most important, most respected body modder out there.” Shawn Porter of the ScarWars project explains, “I directly credit Steve’s ESU branding as a main influence on the newer generation of scarification artists; his high detail branding (which caused a stir when it was featured in In the Flesh, Body Art and Bizarre) showed people that you could do more than just dots, chevrons and geometric shapes.” According to respected scarification artist Ron Garza, “Steve has always been a pioneer and innovator. He has made a huge contribution to the modification community as a whole and the community wouldn’t be the same place it is today without him.” The Guinness Book of World Records lists Steve as the “Most Advanced Body Modification Artist”, 1999 to present. He has worked on individuals noted for their extensive modifications such as The Enigma, Katzen, Stalking Cat and The Lizardman.

Steve was born into a family of surgical equipment manufacturers. In the late 1980′s he started his own business in that field, and in the early 1990′s began working as a piercer. He opened a successful chain of piercing studios called HTC (Haworth Tech Company). Not content to stick to mainstream piercing, he has continued to innovate throughout his years in the industry. In the mid-Nineties he performed the first transdermal implant, the “Metal Mohawk”, on Joe Aylward. At around the same time he began his pioneering work with subdermal implants. He has designed a number of unique and artistic subdermal implants and continues to come out with new designs every year.

In 2005 he sold the HTC chain and retired from active piercing, preferring to concentrate on other body modifications, as well as involvement in many other businesses and interests. He and business partner Jesse Jarrell create unique silicone body jewelry through their company Kaos Softwear, and Steve creates and produces body modification-themed stainless steel jewelry through his SHS (Steve Haworth Stainless) line. Steve also designs specialized tools for implant procedures, and teaches seminars on his modification techniques in topics such as genital beading, surface bars and laser branding. He founded the body suspension group Life Suspended, and is part of the production team Horns and Halos, which puts on several fetish-themed events a year. Steve is the subject of the 2007 documentary Flesh & Blood by director Larry Silverman, and also appears in the 2005 documentary Modify, and the television show Extreme Dr. 90210.

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