FRIDAY 10:00pm / 22.00 Uhr

Body Suspension project from Saint Petersburg. Two times World Record holder (200m freefall with hooks in 2020 and 400m freefall with hooks 2022). Specialized in all kinds of body rituals: hooks suspension, rope bondage, needles play and rope jumping.

ANTI SHANTI performs for you the Cube
«Cube» combine hooks suspension and ropes bondage, playing with shapes and geometrical patterns, discover new forms of movement and transitions in a confined space of a steel cube.

CoCo Katsura / Sana Sakura

FRIDAY 10:45pm / 22.45 Uhr

Black Octopus is the name of a performance group consisting of two gifted Japanease performers CoCo Katsura and Sana Sakura

They gonna perform for you

ー和ー(wa) – Moments of Japanese beauties