Nahuel Burgos

Professional piercer since 2015, Nahuel has traveled to many countries visiting some of the best piercing studios in the world. He has been invited to give his classes and talks on piercing and anthropology at important events and regularly attends conferences and training programs to keep his knowledge constantly updated.

He has visited piercing shops in Chile, Peru, UK, Spain, Italy, France, Brazil, USA, México, Puerto Rico, Ireland…

Board member of the spanish piercing association CEP. He was also an APP legacy Scholar.

With all the knowledge acquired he decided to open his own studio in Madrid, Flor de Oro Piercing, bringing together the best of each of the spaces visited to create a unique place, where you can breathe the love and respect for the ancient practice of body piercing, along with the mastery of the best techniques.

Collaborator in multiple educational and editorial projects like podcasts, books, translation…

Classes 2024

  • Contemporary history of Body Piercing
  • The Piercing Experience in the studio

Classes 2023