Mariona Huertas

Mariona is a piercer born in Barcelona who has 30 years dedicated to Body Piercing in her studio Ozono in Bilbao Basque Country. She started in 1993 as a self-taught piercer, in 1998 she participated in the Basic and Training in Gauntlet Los Angeles. Since 2001 she participates in seminars of the APP in LV. In 2008 she became the first member of the APP in her country and the first European woman. Mariona has also participated as a national speaker in cities such as Barcelona, Madrid, Las Palmas and internationally in Italy Ritorno alle Origini in Pescara and also for the LBP Latin American Association of Body Piercing in Mexico and recently at the FRAPPE in Bordeaux Always eager to learn, teach and share.

Classes 2024:

  • Navel Piercing, more than just a hole
  • Asepsis

Classes 2023: