Jesús “Sala” Cabanas

His name is Jesús Cabanas but we all know him as “Sala”. He began his career as a full-time professional piercer in 2003 in the Canary Islands. After a few years his curiosity to improve his skills, started to travel around the world to learn from different professionals and pioneers in the industry. After his first trip to the United States in 2007, he wanted to gather more knowledge and his research led him to study nursing and specialized in sanitary techniques, pain therapy and anesthesia. In 2012 he moved to Oslo (Norway) and began to work forming a team with Christiane, owner of Pinpoint Piercing, one of the first APP member stores in Europe, where he has continued to improve his technique every day to offer the best for his clients . In 2012 he became a member of APP, where he continues to attend and give different conferences worldwide in places like USA ,Spain, Germany, Poland, Sweden, United Kingdom, Argentina, Brazil, Italy, Mexico and India and in conferences such as APP, LBP, APPE, GeP, UKAPP, Bmxnet, YOUMODIFY and APP In 2015, a new adventure begins as co-founder of APPE (Association of Spanish Professional Perforators) as active vice president, international liaison and organizer of the annual conference in Spain.

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