Francesco Capodicasa

Francesco Capodicasa, also known as “Capo” in the body art world, started his career as a piercer in 1998 in London. He has since worked in several tattoo shops in Italy and abroad deepening his knowledge of human anatomy and his professional techniques. In 2004 his interest in body modification and body suspensión began, which he continues to practice to this day. Since 2008 he has opened his own studio “Addicted” in Barcelona, although he continues to work as a guest artist in other studios in Europe. Since 2004 he has expanded his exploration of the knowledge of styles participating in meetings in Italy (APTPI), Germany (BMXnet) and the United States (APP), and also through collaboration with great piercing and body mod artists.

Workshops 2024:

  • Thu.: Skin Suturing Advanced
  • Fri.: Skin Suturing Advanced
  • Sat.: Skin Suturing (Skin Stitching)
  • Sun.: Skin Suturing (Skin Stitching)

Workshops 2023:

Workshops 2022: