Fakir Musafar

What can the life and works of one of the most important pioneers of contemporary piercing teach us?
What is the cultural and spiritual legacy that Fakir Musafar has left us?
Which are the critical points and contradictions that emerge by analyzing his anthropological belief?
To understand such a complex character it has been necessary to leave behind any pre established idea in order to avoid any risk of mythologizing.
What we are going to introduce is the narration of a magical journey between rituals, performances and philosophy.
In this journey, we are going to deeply investigate his interiority.
Our visions and certainties about life, pain and death will be questioned through his philosophy.
An anthropological and philosophical analysis of the vision of a man who left an indelible mark on the history of contemporary piercing and ritualism.

by: Antonaglia Luca, Pierpaolo Tesoro
Slot: 8 / Room 05/06
– Fri. 4pm-5:30pm