Bethrah Szumski

After she completed her Gauntlet Body Piercing course work in 1995, Bethra was mentored by Elayne Angel who has continued to provide both professional and personal support throughout her career. Bethra founded Virtue and Vice Body Piercing in 1995 and then added piercing to Pain and Wonder Tattoo in 2000. In an effort to keep up with current piercing related information she became a member of the APP in 1996. Her roll shortly switched from student to teacher when in 1998 she was appointed as Secretary of the APP. Bethra immediately instituted the Association’s first elections and was duly elected to the position. Bethra served a full three year term during which (among other things) she reviewed applications for member- ship from piercers worldwide, managed correspon- dence, and a majority of the day to day operations of the organization. Bethra was subsequently elected to the position of President and served an additional three year term in that position. After a three year break she was again elected to the board and has maintained a position as Secretary ever since.

She is credited with having played a key roll in stabi- lizing the organization. During her tenure with the APP, she has been instrumental in the organization of ten US conferences and two in Europe. Bethra has also provided countless courses of education to piercers, health care providers and law-makers.

Classes 2024

  • Portfolio Critique
  • Management of Difficult Clients
  • Emotional Regulation

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