Alejandro Hernandez

Founder of “Inked touch Tattoos & Piercings” studio. I’m from San Luis Potosí, Mexico. Started as a Piercer in 2001. I have visisted different countries such as USA, Canada, Perú, Colombia, Uruguay, Brazil, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Argentinia and Panamá. A Piercer from heart and also a body modifier. I participated in the Vampire Woman’s project with Guinness record, also part of the program Taboo USA and Kobieta in Poland. The first hispanic to officially place a RFID-NFC microchip with the Russian company Kaspersky Lab. Followed and published by FORBES Mexico magazine. Proud APP and LBP member, where I give semminaries that are foccused to Professional Body Piercing. Also an investigator on organic surfaces along with teachers from UASLP and Cuauhtémoc university. Next guest in Japan and Germanny. Also working on the end of self biography for Iberoamericana.

Working hard on important online platforms in order to share about body-art and its different participations in cultural programs with indigenous people.

Also learning about Goldsmith thanks to different programs from USA for artists and trained people thanks to Evolved body art, Old traditions and other body art studios.

Classes 2023: