Tattoos and their “Meaning”

Tattoos of all kinds became quite popular over the past few years. Some are only for estethics others do have a deeper meaning. But what’s the purpose behind the tattoos?

The focus in this presentation isn’t the meaning of tattoos in generell, rather how to interact and communicate with clients who want to have tattoo motives like semicolon or do have (selfharm-)scars.

What does it mean for you as a tattoo artist to have a client who went trough a tough time in life?
Do you talk about those topics or do you rather keep quiet as an artist?

How do you handle a client who talks about hard times in the past, are you able to keep a professional distance and how do you handle trigger points?

Helen Bender

Room 453 – Slot: 6 : Fri. 11:00am -12:30pm