Body suspension as a tool for personal growth and spiritual connection

Body suspension has been used since ancient times, as a powerful tool to transcend, to reach a different state of mind, and as a collective offering. Even outside this religious context, Is there a way to bring back a more mindful use of suspension?

How to bring softness and care to a practice that can be invasive and painful?

What is our role and ethics, as facilitators and how can we support and guide our suspendees, besides the technical aspects, through this powerful journey?

In this class, we will focus on how to work with the energies released in the process, as well as on fears and stress response.
We will explore together different ways to prepare people, how to create a personalized ritual with them, how to face psychological difficulties that can occur, and how to support the person afterward.

Beto Rea & Eugenia Monti

Room 404 – Slot: 2 : Thu. 2:00-3:30pm