The change of the body that leads to the change in mind.

Cyborg Nest aims to make it possible for as many people out there to become cyborgs, by extending their senses with artificial senses. This will allow us to connect to nature, earth and our existence, in a way only some animals can, and beyond that. Today, this is not a vision, it becomes a reality.

Our first sense, North Sense, and other senses coming in the future, will be a fusion between the ancient and respected body piecing and modification arts, and the technology of the future. Very soon, body piercing studios will enjoy the focus of this new era, as the body piercers and modification artists will play an important role in how we sense our tomorrow. Through this short hour, we will try to touch the exciting world of tomorrow, the new boundaries being broken these days, our role in shaping it, and the responsibilities that come with it.

by: Liviu Babitz & Steve Haworth
duration/Dauer: 1 hrs. / 1 Std.
(main) Language: English / Englisch

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