Due to Yann’s rhythm his seminar has to be more organic and interactive than most of the regular ones.

It will then be articulated in four different part which will be separated in different topics.

The first part will be a summary of what Scarification is and how to technically approach it from his point of view.
Themes as such as Scar onto Blackwork, ink-rubbing and tools will be treated.

The second part will be based on active share of ideas through a Q&A.

Third part will consist in a live demonstration by Yann himself in the meantime any relevant question will be answered to.

And finally the fourth part will overlook all the matters talked about the whole day and self-experiment under Yann’s guidance will be possible.

by: Yann Brenyak
duration/Dauer: 6 hrs. / 6 Std.
(main) Language: English / Englisch

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