Out of BMXnet Conference Seminar by Steve Haworth

In February of 2004, after several years of research and development, Steve Haworth and Jesse Jarrell collaborated to create the first magnetic finger jewelry. The first subject was placed in the finger of Todd Huffman. This seminar goes over the history of magnetic finger jewelry, including its successes and failures. In this power point seminar there will be many images showing the multiple techniques for placing magnetic finger jewelry as well as aftercare. It will also include how to improve success of this modification that modern science is now calling Magnetic Vision or the Sixth Sense. Steve will go over the many ways that magnetic finger jewelry has enhanced his and many others’ ability to perceive the world around them with demonstrations that can actually be felt by the observer with both static and oscillating magnetic fields.

by: Steve Haworth
price: 100 € (book at registration desk or directly with Steve & Mandi)
duration/Dauer: 1,5 hrs. / 1,5 Std.
(main) Language: English / Englisch

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