Thursday 5:30pm / Donnerstag 17:30 Uhr
Wintergarden 222

The presentation aims to consider what are the load and forces involved during a body suspension and based on this evaluate what is the basic equipment to be used and what are the minimum requirements the gear should have for safe operation. Always from safety’s point of view, it will shown the possible knots to be used during the practice, considering the friction they create on the ropes and the result on the breaking load of it, with the aim to do a search that will lead the suitable knot to be applied depending the situation. “a node is never ^ almost accurate^. If it is not perfect, it is hopelessly wrong” from The Ashley Book of Knots

by: Zavo
duration/Dauer: 2 hrs. / 2 Std.
(main) Language: English / Englisch

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