How can I pay?
Basic payment method is via bank transfer (within european union it’s easy and normally free of charge – SEPA Payment). If you have another currency or big fees attached we offer PayPal payment – there is an additional fee of 3,50 EUR though!

What is the membership fee? Do I have to become a member?
The membership is not mandatory but it is 60 EUR with NO TAXES. You can also attend as a non-member but the non members conference costs 60 EUR more PLUS TAXES so it is a money safer in the end – also next year you’re not paying the members fee since it is 2015/2016!

Can I make one payment for all invoices?
If you signed up (and pay) for more than 1 attendee, you will get one invoice per attendee anyways. But you can (of course) make one payment for all invoices together. To help us understand what you pay fo, please add all the Attendance Numbers 15xxx you pay for to the paments subject line(s).

Are there more costs?
Besides travel and hotel you have to pay (it’s mandatory) the all-day buffet and softdrink flatrate at the venue. It is 29 EUR per person per day – but be assured – it is worth it! There is a breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet (all you can eat) and also vegeterian and vegan food. Also there are self service Softdrink Stations and Coffee, Tea, HotChocolate Stations all over the house – so the price of 29 per day is fair and you won’t have to leave the house to get some food!


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