Gábor Zagyvai

Gábor Zagyvai made his first scarification when he was 18. Shortly after he started learning about body piercings, and body modification procedures, and this subject quickly become his passion, and his job. Soon he became the only piercer in Hungary who offers scarifications and wide range of body modification procedures. Now he works in Black & White Tattoo for 6 years.

In the year 2005 he formed a perfromance group called KóMA, and in that year they made some photo exhibitions and body ritual related performances with play piercings, pulling, and lip sewing. These performances, and the exhibition about the shocking pictures of body rituals were something new for the Hungarian audience.

As the only body modification artist in Hungary, one of his most important mission is to show the people the philosophy, theory and spiritual reasons behind body modifications. His works were featured in several hungarian mediums like TV channels, magazines, radios, and newspapers. For two years he runs a personal blogsite about his works, his ideas on the philosophy of body modification, and about the world of body modification. He writes articles and interviews regularly for hungarian tattoo sites.

In 2010 a new passion found him: he learnt how to tattoo, and now he makes minimal and abstract tattoos too. His favourite kind of art is scarification and minimal tattooing, and he also paints his personal style Abstract Mistycism for almost every canvas.