Steve Joyner has over 24 years of piercing experience and has been an active member of the Association of Professional Piercers (APP) for 14 years. He is a former Vice President of the APP and a recipient of the Al D. Memorial Award. He serves on the APP’s Executive Board, Membership Committee, and the Legislative Committee. Steve is an international instructor, specializing in Aftercare, Aseptic Technique, Studio Set-up, and Suspension. He has assisted 26 states and 5 countries in regulating body piercing and the art of public suspensions.

Steve has been involved with suspensions and performance art for over 16 years, first performing with Traumatic Stress Discipline (TSD) for 5 years and then as the Founder, Director, and Executive Producer of the internationally acclaimed Constructs of Ritual Evolution (CoRE), based in Los Angeles and Oakland/San Francisco, CA. Steve is also the creator of the suspension manual The Art of Suspension.

Along the side of being a Body Piercer, Instructor, Performer, Director, and Suspension Artist; Steve is also a Branding and Scarification Artist, Consultant, performs Extreme Modifications, and a Actor. His work in the body modification industry has been featured on Guinness World Records Primetime with Allen Falkner, HBO’s RealSex, The Tyra Banks Show, Modify: The Movie, the movie Sanatorium, and twice on Ripley’s Believe It or Not. He has also served as a consultant for a number of films in which body modifications appear. In addition, he suspended Matt Zane/Society1 for Dave Navarro’s internet television show Spread TV, and suspended Tabitha Stevens for E Channel’s Dr. 90210.


Steve’s contact: director [at]

2011 Classes:

  • Piercing Aftercare
  • Body Suspension