Since the 1980s Elayne has been a driving force to professionalize and promote body piercing. She became Manager of Gauntlet, Inc., the first piercing specialty business in the United States, when it was still the only piercing studio in the country. She received her honorary “Master Piercer Certificate” from Gauntlet founder Jim Ward in 1992. It was the first such certificate ever issued by Gauntlet.
Within our industry Elayne is known as a pioneer for developing piercing techniques, formulating after care guidelines, and innovating a variety of new piercing placements. She is credited with popularizing tongue and triangle piercings, naming the lorum, and inventing the fourchette and Princess Diana piercings.
Elayne authored The Piercing Bible—The Definitive Guide to Safe Body Piercing, a comprehensive and informative reference book directed to piercees and those who deal with them, (such as medical professionals, parents, and educators), as well as piercers.
She was founder and President of Rings of Desire, Inc. in the French Quarter of New Orleans, where she pierced for over twelve years. She helped legislators to promulgate the regulations on body art for the state of Louisiana. Following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, Elayne closed her business and relocated to the Yucatán in Mexico. As a Business Member at Large, she travels the U.S. doing piercings at quality studios; she also writes the monthly “Ask Angel” column for body art industry publication, Pain Magazine.
Currently Elayne is serving her third term on the APP Board of Directors as Medical Liaison. She served two highly productive previous terms on the Board—three years as Outreach Coordinator, and three years as Medical Liaison. Elayne authors much of the organization’s literature, and was editor of the quarterly journal, The Point, for fifteen issues; and is currently co-editor of the publication. For approximately a decade Elayne has been an instructor for classes at the annual APP Conferences. She has also worked with and educated numerous medical professionals, legislators, teachers, students, and others about safe body piercing. In 2006 Elayne was honored to be the recipient of The President’s Award for a lifetime of contributions to the piercing industry.