Ana Paula, born in Mexico, started piercing in 1995 when she moved to San Francisco. She was greatly inspired by Kristian White and his shop, Nomad. Here she learned about piercing, stretching and freehand techniques.

After 3 years, she moved back to Mexico, where she opened her shop, Tonatiuh, which has been open for 12 years now.

Always in her, a great passion towards beauty that is created through body modification, has kept her in the learning, sharing and striving to go further. She went to jewelry school and started Quetzalli Jewelry. A company that makes earplugs, labrets, nostrils, septum’s and more.

She has been involved with the APP since 2002, learning, sharing her jewelry and teaching also. It has been with love and respect for the community and culture that is in constant creation, the materials used and the tradition behind it all, that has made her approach always such a treat.

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