Allen_FalknerAllen Falkner has been piercing professionally since 1992. He is a founding member of the Association of Professional Piercers (APP), held the first secretarial position and has maintained his membership since its inception. He is best known for organizing Traumatic Stress Discipline (TSD) and establishing the website. His work in the body modification community has helped in the creation of multiple suspension groups worldwide, the hosting of several suspension conventions (SusCons) and the compilation and dissemination of pertinent information pertaining to the art and science of suspension.

Allen is by no means the progenitor of suspension; however, he is often referred to as the Father of Modern Suspension.

Allen’s “second career”

Allen Falkner owned and operated a tattoo/piercing studio for fifteen years prior to switching careers, becoming a laser removal technician in 2007. With over 3000 treatments performed, he has adapted this new profession to focus on the modification of existing tattoos. He founded his company Fade Fast with the philosophy that most people that seek removal don’t hate tattoos, they are simply unhappy with the quality, choice and/or placement of their artwork.

2012 Classes and Workshops:

  • Lasers and The Tattoo Industry
  • Aseptic Technique and Suspension

2011 Classes and Workshops:

  • Lasers and The Tattoo Industry
  • Suspension Rigging
  • Fundamentals Suspension Skills
  • Evolution of Modern Suspension

2010 Classes:

  • Lasers and The Tattoo Industry
  • Suspension Rigging

2010 Workshop:

  • Body Suspension – A practical approach