An Anthropological perspective

This work has no claim to be a complete research on such a particular theme but a perspective to observe how humans built their conception of pain and how they experienced it.

It must be said that men do not totally reject pain but when this experience became not natural but mechanical, not chosen but given? Is Pain just another manipulation with its social, religious, ethical implication or as Le Breton said “Pain is useful as a part of a social identity”?

The talk is about taking back the interest into the difference between society and modern community and how they differently approach to human body as medium from social manipulation to motivated realization of the self where the one that suffers and expose himself to pain is no more diseased; this doesn’t mean that in our century pain assumes a positive meaning but most of all is experienced as a main part of the construction of the self and his way to communicate with others.

By: Noema Pasquali (TigerOrchid)
duration/Dauer: 1,5 hrs. / 1,5 Std.
(main) Language: English / Englisch

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