Anodize your titanium and niobium body jewelry with detailed information and rationale, step by step instructions, accompanied by video and a scientastic live demonstration.

How can this surface finish process make a difference in your client’s healing results ?

How can you re-anodize client jewelry if the color has worn off ?
^^ These questions and more will be answered in this class.

Topics covered will include: How and why to include anodization in your work flow for a cleaner and less reactive Ti and Nb surface finish. How to offer instant coloration / re-colorization for customers.

Anodizer kits and advanced hands on training available.

Preorder your kit at for pick up at the BMXnet event.

by: Brian Skellie
duration/Dauer: 2 hrs. / 2 Std.
(main) Language: English / Englisch

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