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First of all the most important thing – unfortunately it is 20€ more than last year – everything gets more expensive and we had to do that small step from last years  175€. Here you find a breakdown of the costs you have to expect (except from travel and lodging costs) and how they are split up: the left part of the bar (green / yellow / pink) is what you pay directly to BMXnet, the right part of bar (blue) is what you pay in Essen to the Unperfekthaus Restaurant:


cost1The green part is the attendance fee : 195€ plus 19% taxes 37,05€. That’s altogether 232,05€ for 4 days of conference (58,01€ per day)

cost3The pink part is the Members Fee of BMXnet e.V. – if you do not wish to be a member you pay that same amount in addition to the conference fee for “non-members” plus taxes! The members fee itself is tax free: 60€! If you paid the members fee last year, you don’t have to re-pay it (yet)!

cost4The blue part is what you pay to the Unperfekthaus for food (all day “all-you-can-eat” buffet) and beverages as a flat rate. In the past years that price never has changed and always was 25€, this year the Unperfekthaus asked for a slight raise – now we pay 27€ per day! BIG THANKS go to the Unperfekthaus at this point because that really is a great price they keep up for us! The regular price raised since that 25€ in 2007 over the years to 45€ today. So other events pay 45€ for the same thing! Now you see why we love the Unperfekthaus and you only can imagine how much they love us!

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